Septic System Maintenance in Seabeck, WA

In Seabeck, Crosby, Hite Center, Sunset Farm, Warrenville, and Kitsap County, WA, it’s required for all properties with alternative systems to have an annual maintenance contract for septic system maintenance, provided by a certified maintenance and monitoring (M&M) specialist. Dave’s Septic Services Maintenance & Monitoring LLC provides the critical septic system monitoring services you need to ensure the continued safety, function and reliability of your septic system.

Our approach to M&M is comprehensive, so you don’t have to worry about underlying septic problems becoming severe. From root intrusion inspections, to maintaining sludge and liquid levels, to septic alarm service, our thoroughness is the secret to continued septic system operation. We offer:

  • Septic alarm services
  • Control panel inspection
  • Jetting of laterals lines
  • Minor septic drain field repairs
  • Replacement of components
  • Reporting to the health district
  • Retrofitting (limited)

In addition to broad septic system monitoring services and maintenance, we also provide part replacements and repairs for pumps, floats, timers, pipes, fittings and lids. We even determine if pumping is necessary (please note, we do not provide pumping services).

Septic System Maintenance
  • Protects septic system from premature failure or costly breakdowns

  • Saves you tens of thousands of dollars in full septic replacement costs

  • Protects your family, property and the environment from raw sewage backups

  • Ensures your system continues to work as-intended, at full capacity

Types of Systems that we Service (can be a combination of system types):

  • Pressure
  • Bed or Mound

Aerobic Treatment Units:

  • White Water –
  • Nuwater –
  • Multi Flow –
  • Norweco –
  • Fast/Bio Microbics –
  • Nibbler –
Recirculating Media

  • Advantex –
  • Lowe Flow –


  • Drip
  • Oscar ll –

Media Filters

  • Glendon –
  • Sandfilter
Septic Alarm Service

Septic Systems

We Help You Avoid Septic Situations

Our M&M team saves you the cost and frustration of having to deal with these issues. We take our job with septic drain field repair and more seriously, always maintaining the critical function of your system.

Dave’s Septic Services Maintenance & Monitoring LLC is ready to handle your complete septic M&M needs. Reach us today at 360-516-7625 to learn more about our approach to monitoring and maintenance, and to speak with an expert who knows what your septic system needs to function effectively.

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